About Us

Laboratory Skin Care®, Inc. (LSC) is a privately-held biotechnology company established in the San Francisco Bay area since 1995, to develop, manufacture and commercialize dermal, trans-dermal and sub-dermal delivery technologies for use in cosmetic skin care products, prescription dermatological, and other pharmaceutical products.

LSC products and technologies have enjoyed worldwide commercial success through incorporation in several leading brand skin care products. LSC’s patented flagship technology, Hydroxysomes®, is a sustainable non-liposome- and
non-polymer-based micro-carrier dermal delivery platform made up of inorganic particles from natural mines.

The particles are 100% bio-degradable and its phosphate and calcium functional groups are recognized as micronutrients and metabolized by the skin.

Innovative Hydroxysomes® bioactives, include cosmetic stable actives such as calcium, resveratrol, retinal, adenosine, LHA and others. They allow higher efficiency, improved stability, and sustained release.

They are easy to formulate with and offer a damage-free/non-invasive increased skin penetration without use of any penetration enhancers.

Past & Present Partners Include: