Idrossisomi® Calcio

LABORATORY SKIN CARE®, INC. (LSC) offers a new innovative, patented technology for delivery of calcium into the skin and for boosting both UVA and UVB sun protection factors, due to the scattering effects of inorganic particles. This technology is called Hydroxysomes®. Calcium is a universal messenger 1 and plays a fundamental role in maintaining the integrity of normal skin. Loss of calcium in the epidermis occurs as the skin ages. As a result, the skin becomes more fragile, dehydrated, and less resistant to environmental damages. Calcium is the actual signal to trigger keratinocyte differentiation 2, which accelerates rapid skin cell regeneration to help repair damaged skin.

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KEY FEATURES OF Hydroxysomes® Calcium
Accelerates Barrier Recovery
Regulates Production of Cell Adhesion Proteins
Stimulates Fibroblast to Produce Elastin and Collagen
Increases Flexibility and Skin Rejuvenation
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF Hydroxysomes® Calcium

LSC™ has demonstrated that Hydroxysomes® Calcium penetrates into the stratum corneum (SC) without any damage or disruption to the integrity of the skin. Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 show SC of human skin before and after application of Hydroxysomes® Calcium.


FIG. 1 TEM 27,000x
No calcium detected in the SC of human skin.


FIG. 2 TEM 43,000x
After application of Hydroxysomes® Calcium, calcium (black dots) can be seen in SC.


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