Idrossisomi® Retinaldeide

LABORATORY SKIN CARE®, INC. (LSC) has developed a novel method for co-engineering retinaldehyde (retinal) with its patented Hydroxysomes® dermal delivery platform. Retinal is a direct precursor to retinoic acid providing the same therapeutic benefits as retinoic acid while eliminating skin irritation. However, it is highly unstable in its pure form. Hydroxysomes® stabilizes retinaldehyde for use in topical formulations.

Retinoids are natural antioxidants, improving skin texture by enhancing its firmness and thickness.

Retinoids’ natural metabolic pathway in the body is as follows:

Vitamin A Retinol Retinaldehyde Retinoic Acid (Rx)


  • Topical application of retinol only delivers 2% of the retinoids into the skin
  • The remaining retinol pool remains on the skin causing irritation
  • Retinaldehyde is 20x more potent than retinol, and it is not irritating
KEY FEATURES OF Hydroxysomes® Retinaldehyde
Sustained Release
Highly Stable
Retinal & Calcium Delivery
Skin Regeneration
Stimulates Collagen & Elastin Production
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF Hydroxysomes® Retinaldehyde

Hydroxysomes® Retinaldehyde also delivers calcium to the skin which enhances the effect of retinaldehyde. Delivering retinaldehyde and calcium simultaneously provides integrated anti-aging properties for younger looking skin.

Calcium restores the skin’s normal balance by repairing the barrier function and maintaining the barrier integrity of stratum corneum (SC). A healthy skin barrier improves firmness, cellular cohesion, and hydration, allowing skin’s youthful appearance. Calcium plays a significant role in skin differentiation, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.